Jim Simpson – Executive Director

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Razavi for the last six years. Before I met Dr. Razavi, I hadn’t been to a dentist in over two decades. Needless to say,  this neglect combined with years of smoking left my smile quite lacking in luster. My teeth were cracked, worn and very badly stained from the smoking. I thought that I was most likely “beyond repair”. Dr. Razavi could not have been more kind, non-judgmental and understanding. She developed a treatment plan to restore my smile, which because of my neglect required several appointments over several months. Then the day came when I could look in the mirror and see my beautiful smile shinning brightly in the reflection. It was the most amazing experience to view my perfect white smile again after so many years. Dr. Razavi restored my smile and her entire staff made the experience a calm and soothing one. From insurance billing to the damp warm towel that they would bring at the end of each appointment, everyone at Advanta Dental was great.