Our Services

General & Cosmetic Dentistry


Cleanings & Exams ~ maintain your oral health with regular hygiene appointments and oral exams.

Treatment of Gum Disease ~ Don’t suffer with red, inflamed gums that they bleed upon brushing, or even touching. Call Advanta Dental to discuss your treatment options.

TMJ ( tempromandibular joint ) ~ Pain in the face, headaches, neck and sometimes even migraine are due to misalignment of the bite. Due to improper way of biting this causes disfunction of the jaw joint that causes tempromandibular joint problem. Get relief from TMJ pain.

Nightguards, and NTI ~ Disfunction of the jaw joint can cause severe tension, headaches, jaw aches. At Advanta Dental Group we offer many therapeutic ways by relaxing the muscles, which can relieve TMJ pain.

Halitosis – Treatment of bad breath

Porcelain Veneers ~ aesthetic solution for cracks, chips, stains, gaps, or misaligned teeth

Replacement of Silver Fillings ~ removal of old worn down amalgam filling, and replacing them with tooth color material (composite fillings)

Porcelain Inlay or Onlays ~ When the cavity is large inlay and onlay are used, since they are more durable than composite fillings

Teeth Whitening ~ A great solution for stained , or discolored teeth for a beautiful, younger smile

Crowns and Bridges – Porcelain fused to gold or metal free crowns are used to protect the tooth from breakage


Root Canal Therapy ~ Single and multi rooted teeth

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Bone & Gum Grafting

Bone Augmentation

Implant, and the Crown Over the Implant